What is the secret of Nana Mizuki’s power?Age misrepresentation?My muscles are bad!More Profile Published!


Nana Mizuki is a voice actor, narrator, and singer with her powerful singing skills.

Nana Mizuki has achieved her first ever feat as a voice actor, including a concert at Tokyo Dome and Koshien Stadium.

Despite his petite physique of 153 centimeters, he attracts fans with his spectacular performance swept through the stadium-class halls, but where does that power come from?


This time, I looked into the secret of Nana Mizuki’s power.

Nana Mizuki’s Profile

  • Real name: Nana Kondo
  • Nickname: Nana-chan, Nana-san, Nana-sama, Nana-sama, Nana, Head
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture
  • Birthday: January 21, 1980 (age 40)
  • Blood type: Type O
  • Height: 152 cm
  • Occupation: Voice actor, singer, narrator, stage actress
  • Office: Sigma Seven
  • Official Site Nana Mizuki Official Site NANA PARTY

Just 20 years since the debut of the singer!

Nana Mizuki made her solo debut as a singer in 2000 after working as a voice actor in the game.

He steadily gained popularity with his incredible singing ability and powerful performance, and became a top regular on the charts.

In addition, the popularity as an anime voice actor in the tv anime [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha] Fate role has skyrocketed

Nana Mizuki’s Representative Works

  • Masterpieces :NARUTO-Hinata Hinata Hinata, Nana Mizuki Smile Gang, MUSIC JAPAN(Narrated), “Heart Catch Pretty Cure!”. (Hanasaki Bud / Cure Blossom)
  • Representative songs: “Deep Love”, “ETERNAL BLAZE”, “Synchrogazer”


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the singer’s debut

At 7 p.m. on January 7, 2020, five songs named after Nana Mizuki’s first 00
In March 2019, two songs from “NANA MUSIC LABORATORY 2019 Nanalab” held at Himegin Hall were released on YouTube.

Nana Mizuki’s first song of 00

From the unprecedented Thai man live “NANA MUSIC LABORATORY 2019 Nanalabi”, which consists of the voice of Mizuki x one musical instrument

Age fraud allegations among fans!?

Nana-san is said to be misrepresenting her age, I think the factor is that her appearance is young.

Nana-san is not much different from the appearance from the time of her debut, and she still maintains the same beauty as she did in 2020, when she turned 40.

That’s why many fans have praised the beauty of their appearance, such as looking younger!

What is the secret of Nana Mizuki’s performance?!

Mizuki-san’s songs are a lot of aggressive, and the performance is hard.I’m running, flying, dancing, and running with 10 centimeters of heels, and i’ve been moving for three hours, four hours when I’m long.

What makes it possible to sing without being able to sing without being able to sing without being able to run around the large dome without being able to live?

In 2011 and 2014, the body remodeling not only greatly improved performance on stage, but also became the voice of the male vocalist.

Mr. Mizuki, who has done two physical modifications and says that “the sound of her voice has changed clearly,” is a training enthusiast who develops the original training goods “NANA Band” and sells it as an official goods.

To sing and dance.I was worried about the appearance during the performance and started training.

The reason i started training was because i put on a headset and got a song to dance with the back dancers.It’s 2002.


“When I put on the physical strength to do that, and when I lined up with the dancers, I was the only one who was concerned about the difference in silhouettes( laughs).This is something i need to do to put my spirits in.It seems to have thought.

At first, she had something simple to do at home, such as abs back push-ups at home.

Feel the limits of self-ryu training in earnest!

There was an event that i thought was a good idea only by the training of the imitation to see and to see!

In 2008, when I ran up the stairs of the station in my daily life, I was more like lying.It seems to have started going to the gym taking this opportunity.

At first, when I had a concert in Tokyo, I had a trainer come to me for a cooldown after the performance, but the trainer told me that nana-chan would be able to move more. To start a full-fledged personal training!

And in 2011, the contents of the training were renewed in the wake of the Tokyo Dome concert!!

The reason is that I thought it would be the coolest if I could run around the dome and have a performance that didn’t make me feel old.Nana is 31 years old at this time.

I don’t want to be told that i was moving when I was in my 20s.There is such a desire, too, and it seems to have done the body remodeling by gachi over four months!

In the second body remodeling, to the feeling that all the body resonates and the voice is out!

However, after work became too busy and i couldn’t get through to my trainer, i gradually became a self-in-the-way.Then one day he broke his throat.

Taking this opportunity, “This should not be the caseLet’s review my body from the ground up from scratch.
With that in mind, he kept a high level of training on a daily basis and changed it to a style that would raise his training level even more as the live came closer!!

At the same time, when you change your diet consciously, your body has changed from there!

It was the first time i felt like my body was a saxophone, everything resonated and my voice was out.I’m singing with all the cells in my body.It is said that it resonates not only in the stomach, lungs, vocal cords, but also around the mouth.

Thanks to classical ballet, the muscles that were sleeping woke up!?

These days, in addition to personal training and classical ballet, he is actively incorporating new exercises such as feel cycles and flow-ins to prevent mannerisms!

Mizuki’s one-week training menu includes two hours of ballet and yoga, one hour for personal training and 45 minutes of feel cycle.I go to three exercises each for one week.

Classical ballet began in 2017 to move muscles that are not used in weight training.

“When I started ballet, I realized that there were some muscles that i didn’t use in myself, and the training was even more enjoyable.Nana says.

The feel cycle is an exercise that rows a motorcycle in the dark, and you can expect both aerobic exercise and muscle training.
FLOWIN is a pad laid on the floor during training, and it is a training goods that can perform trunk training that combines the whole body.

The re-performance of the musical “Beautiful” starring Nana Mizuki is decided!

Beautifu means

It is a musical that drew the half life of the eventful half life of american singer-songwriter “Carole King” with a number of masterpieces.

As soon as it opened on Broadway, “Beautiful” became a huge reputation and won numerous awards, and it continued to run for long runs around the world, including national tours and Australia tour parks, and is loved by many.

In Japan, it was performed at the Imperial Theater from July 26 to August 26, 2017.

One of the starring double cast at this time is Nana Mizuki!!

*This is the official website at the time of the performance in 2017.Empire Theatre Musical “Beautiful”

The musical “Beautiful” is decided to re-perform

Musical “Beautiful” to be performed in November 2020 Venue: Imperial Theatre
Cast: Nana Mizuki / Ayaka Hirahara (Carole King)
Akinori Nakagawa (Barry Mann), IreI (Jerry Goffin), Sonin (Cynthia Weil), Shinji Takeda (Donnie Kirschner), Kenyuki (Ginny Klein), etc.

Sometimes the main cast is still there, and I’m looking forward to the performance!!

Nana Mizuki’s Summary

This time, i checked the performance of Nana Mizuki, who was able to sing without being out of breath while running around the large dome.

It turned out that the coolness was a two-degree body modification.

Leg length effect, trunk, abdominal muscles… I also found the training menu of Nana Mizuki, who is also a must-see for women.

I’m worried about nana Mizuki’s activities in the future, including the musical “Beautiful”.