Strawberry Moon when is it this year?How many full moon names do you know!?

Strawberry Moonスポーツ

Every year, the full moon in June is called strawberry moon because it looks a little reddish.

It is a full moon that makes you feel quiet when you look up, but there are many myths, legends and legends around the world.

We will introduce the name of the full moon and the supermoon and blue moon.


When will Strawberry Moon be in 2020?

Strawberry Moon is said to be “connected to the person who likes it” and “Love luck goes up”.

Strawberry Moon in 2020 can be seen on June 6.

June 21st is the summer solstice every year.One day is the longest of the year, and the sun is the highest.

Therefore, the moon which becomes the lowest position is susceptible to the influence of the atmosphere, and the moon looks red just as the morning sun and the sunset look red.

Every year at strawberry moon time, many people take pictures of the full moon and say, “It’s red and cool!”It looks like ham” has become a hot topic.

If you want to see a beautiful moon or connect with someone you like, why don’t you look up at the sky?

When observing a celestial object, please avoid “three dense (sealed, dense, close) as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection.


There are a lot of names in the full moon!?

There are various names for the full moon each month.In the old days, people did not look at the calendar as they did today, but lived with the lack of the moon.

This time, I will introduce the name of the full moon that is said to have been used by Native Americans who became the source of the American agricultural calendar.It is said that the full moon of the change of the season is made a turning point, and it made it to the standard of life such as farm work and hunting.

The Legend of the Goddess and plants of the Moon

Artemis, the twin sister of the sun god Apollo in Greek mythology, is the goddess of the moon.

Some have their names in the genus name of the plant.

Artemisia refers to the genus Yomogi.Artemisia was a horticulturalist and a medical research company, and the name of Artemisia, who used yomogi in the past, was the god who also presided over childbirth.

All the episodes about the moon are mysterious, aren’t they?

I hope you can see the supermoon clear this year!