Violinist Reina Yokoyama is playing from the roof of the hospital.

Reina Yokoyamaスポーツ

In the Italian city where corona infection is concentrated, the appearance of playing the violin from the roof of the hospital is a hot topic.

Wearing a red dress and playing the violin is very impressive.

Who is the woman who is talking about this?


I would like to introduce.

Introducing The Profile and Career of Rena Yokoyama

Rena Yokoyama’s Profile

  • Name: Reina Yokoyama
  • Birthday: April 9, 1987
  • Year: 33 years old
  • Birthplace: Minoh, Osaka
  • Studied at The Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory of Music, Cremona National
  • Job: Violinist

Rena Yokoyama’s Career

From the age of seven, he studied the violin with his parents.

He studied under Nandor Sederkenny( former Osaka Century Symphony Orchestra concertmaster).

Studied in Italy in 2006.

In February 2011, he graduated from the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory of Music at Cremona National With a perfect jury.

In 2009, he won second place in the Padua AGIMUS International Competition and in 2010 won the solo section of the Florence Crescendo International Competition.

After that, he studied under Salvatore Accardo, Alexander Ronkwig and Ivan La Labella.

Since 2013, he has been a public performer of the instruments on display at the Cremona Violin Museum.

In 2012, he formed the piano trio Trio Kanon with pianist Diego McCarnola and cellist Alessandro Copia, and studied for the Palma Trio at the International Chamber Music Academy in Duino.

In 2018, he won and won a variety of competitions, including first place in the Pinello Torino International Chamber Music Competition in Turin.

On April 3, 2020, he played the violin on the bell tower “Trazzo” in Cremona, northern Italy, where the new coronavirus is spreading, and on 21 January he played the violin on the roof of a hospital in the city.

These patterns are distributed on YouTube and elsewhere and receive praise from all over the world.

Lives and works in Cremona, Italy.


Playing violin on the roof of a hospital with corona infection concentrated

This video has become a hot topic.

It is impressive to see the violin playing on the roof of a hospital in Cremona, Italy, where the infection is spreading, with the city’s symbol, the bell tower, on its back.

Why are you playing without a mask in such an infected place?

I’ll show you who this is.

The violin played by Reina Yokoyama

It is Japanese violinist Reina Yokoyama who performed this performance.

Born in Minowa, Osaka Prefecture, he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Cremona, Italy, in 2006 after graduating from high school.

He is currently working at the Violin Museum in Cremona to play the violin on display.

He is one of three violinists who are allowed to perform, such as Stradivarius, who is worth hundreds of millions of yen.

Why did she decide to play on the roof of the hospital?

Why are you playing on the roof of the hospital?

I played on the roof of the hospital because i had an offer from the hospital side.

The impressive red dress was also a request from the hospital side.

It seems to have been prevented from infection by wearing a mask firmly except when playing, and going to the roof through an unmanned corridor.

Send a message on Twitter

From the people who saw the video that has become this topic, it seems to have been flooded with questions about the safety aspects, the person in question has responded politely on Twitter.

From the way you answer seriously, you can see that he is a wonderful person.

Reina Yokoyama’s Summary

How did you like it?

I think that it is having a lot of stress now that it is self-imposed by coronavirus.

For such people, it is beautiful to take a risk and bring the sound of the violin to the streets of Italy.

From the way he answered the question, he said he was a wonderful person.

I didn’t know her before, but i think she’s going to be famous because she’s got a lot of fans on the occasion.

I want to follow her from now on.