Ai Tominaga’s annual income and world ranking sat on the magnificent upbringing of Ai Tominaga, who made his debut as a high school student.


Speaking of Japan’s leading supermodel Ai Tominaga, i walked the rampway at the autumn/winter Paris Fashion Week in 2020, and it became a hot topic after returning to Paris for the first time in about eight years.

Ai Tominaga has a series of “Vogue” on the road to beafirst model. In fact, it is known that his upbringing was magnificent.

So let’s take a look at the profile first.


Introducing Ai Tominaga’s Profile and Career

Ai Tominaga Profile

  • Mae Mae Tominaga Ai (Ai)
  • Birthday: August 1, 1982
  • Age: 37
  • Birthplace: Sagamihara, Kanagawa
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Nominal size: 179 cm tall
  • Three sizes: 81 – 61 – 88 cm
  • Cup size: A
  • Crotch: 92 cm
  • Shoe size: 25.5 cm

Ai Tominaga has been on the world stage since he was a high school student.

At the age of 15, Ai Tominaga applied for a reader model and belonged to Bon Image.It became a model of the magazine [Petit Seven].

At the time, Ai Tominaga was a gal schoolgirl who wore long loose socks with a very short uniform skirt, a Ralph Lauren cardigan, loafers and PHS in one hand.

However, when i first appeared in the Tokyo Collection for about two years, a big change occurred.

The adults around me said, “You should definitely go abroad.I was encouraged by the word “”, and i flew to the United States alone to audition for the New York collection in the last spring break of the second grade of high school.

The result was a brilliant passing, and it became a topic of conversation on the runway of the New York collection.

For about ten years since then, she has been a top model on the front lines of the world.

“Fashion communication” that I watched without fail

When I was in high school, i always watched “Fashion Communication” that was broadcast on TV Tokyo.

One day, the video of the show by Italian designer Dolce & Gabbana was shocking enough to determine Ai Tominaga’s fate.

“How beautiful!Just a few seconds later, Tominaga, who had a secret fighting spirit in his heart, made his debut in the New York collection at the age of 17.

The annual income that is anxious of Tominaga ai!?

Ai Tominaga is a top model who has been active in the world for many years.

“Speaking of Japanese Paris Collection model Ai Tominaga” is so high-profile that it can be said that


He has appeared not only in the modeling industry but also on variety programs, TV dramas, and commercials, and his activities are wide.

What is such a personal income of Ai Tominaga?

By the way, when she appeared at a fashion show, She said that the gala was about one million yen on one stage.

In the American economic magazine Forbes,

The annual income of the world’s number one model is approximately 2.5 billion yen.

The second place is approximately 1.6 billion yen, and the third place is about 900 million yen.

Ai Tominaga has the experience of entering top 10 with the famous “” overseas.

In addition, because there is a guarantee such as a TV program and a commercial, it adds it,

It can be guessed that the annual income will go from tens of millions of yen to several hundred million yen.

What is the world ranking?The position of The Rank of Ai Tominaga!?

What is the world ranking to begin with!?

I mean, this doesn’t seem to be something public.

However, when you ask the model at work in fact, as an influence on the guarantee, etc.

Model Rank

There seems to be a thing.

Rank ed


It seems to have become like.

Ai Tominaga is active in the world as a supermodel of this S-rank

Other S-Rank members

  • Mr. Tao.
  • Chiharu okunugi.
  • Mona Matsuoka
  • Mr. Koyako Yamaguchi

Ai Tominaga, SNS Information

Official Site

Twitter Ai Tominaga

Instagram ai_tominaga_official


When I was in high school, I was shocked to see footage of the show by fashion-telecommunications Italian designer Dolce & Gabbana, so I went to New York to audition for it and stood on the runway for the New York collection.

Ai Tominaga’s model rank is S.

There will be few people who do not know the name by expanding the range of the activity in the variety program and the commercial.

Ai Tominaga’s first beauty book, “The Law of Beauty”, was released in 2020/03.

If you are interested, why don’t you try to purchase it by all means?