Super City Concept Bill PassedWhat is the Super City Concept?Introducing the dangers

Super City Concept Billスポーツ

On May 27, 2020, the SuperCity Initiative Bill was passed.

What is the supercity concept that suddenly appeared?

What will happen to the city by making it super-city?


This time, I would like to introduce the Super City concept.

What is the Super City Initiative?

What is the Super City Concept?

SuperCity is a concept to create a future city that fundamentally changes the way society should be, using AI and big data.

Simply put, we will create a common platform that enables efficient and rational operation of the many infrastructure and services necessary for people’s urban life, and to achieve a better social life.

However, there seem to be a number of challenges and achievement conditions in this initiative to ease various regulations at once, introduce state-of-the-art technology in general residents’ lives, and create a city from scratch to the whole future.

With 10 urban functions

  1. Transportation: Automatic human transportation, Traffic and parking management by using IoT and data, etc.
  2. Logistics: Automatic delivery, drone delivery, etc.
  3. Payment : Spread of cashless payments
  4. Administration … one-stop window, one-only paperless, etc.
  5. Medical care: Remote care, implementation of nursing care assistance robots, and delivery of AI analytical pharmaceutical drones for medical and nursing care know-how.
  6. Education … online education, use of personal administrative data, etc.
  7. Energy : Optimal management of water, power, and communication infrastructure using smart systems.
  8. Environment and garbage: Reduce CO² by bulk management of recycling by utilizing smart systems, and thoroughly protect resources.
  9. Disaster Prevention : Construction of disaster prevention system using digital maps, self-reliance energy supply in emergencies, implementation of automated driving relief vehicles and work robots, etc.
  10. Security and safety … patrol robots, remote monitoring, etc.

I have an image that it covers more than five of these ten fields.


Super City Concept Bill Passed

The SuperCity Concept Bill was passed and the SuperCity Act was passed.

It will be possible to relax regulations across multiple disciplines in one place.

This bill makes it easier to create more supercities.

Currently, 54 local governments across the country are eager to plan supercities, and five are expected to be selected by the end of the year.

There is also a need for agreement with residents and other people, but if this is introduced, even in rural areas, it will be more convenient and flowing.

Is the Super City concept dangerous?

It is a super city concept that becomes more convenient for people’s lives, but there are many voices that oppose it behind the scenes.

The SuperCity Initiative manages and uses all kinds of information such as administrative procedures, logistics, transportation, disaster prevention, medical care, welfare, education, finance, and environmental conservation as big data.

Even personal information and privacy may be managed.

The convenience of life may go up, but there is a possibility that the surveillance society will be completed.

If this happens, it is feared that it will become a society that is very difficult to live in.

Summary of Super City Concept Bill

Super City concept with pros and cons.

There are many disadvantages behind the social situation that is very convenient.

There were many voices opposed to the bill, but the SuperCity initiative was passed.

I’m worried about how it’s going to happen, but personally, I think it’s very exciting.

The future of the future, full of a sense of the future like manga and anime, may be just around the corner.