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In the World Cup of Football, the championship is limited to strong countries such as Brazil and Germany, but in the Olympics, other countries have a chance.

The Japanese men’s team has the best experience at the London Games, and the women’s team has won the World Cup and has won silver at the London Games.

At this tokyo 2020, I want you to win a gold medal!


Soccer is a major sport that is popular in the world.

Soccer is a major sport popular in Europe, Africa, Asia, america and other countries around the world.The birthplace of football is England, where the association was established in 1963 and the rules were in place.

The FIFA World Cup, which is held every four years, has a high viewership record not only in Japan.
Men’s football is older than Olympitsk and has been held since the second Paris Games.Since 1996, women’s soccer has also participated in the competition.(There is no age limit for eligibility)

What is the basics of competition?

A team of 11 players competes.The player uses his feet and head to control the ball and aim for the opponent’s goal.Teamwork and tactics are also important.

There are a lot of games where the score is few compared with basketball and rugby, but there is weight of one point because of that, and the enthusiasm when scoring is very large.

Coat size: 105m x 68m
Goal: Height 2.44m Width 7.32m
Soccer Ball

An easy-to-understand and easy explanation of all positions and roles of football

Soccer Court

FW (Forward)

The first thing to introduce is forward.It is the position which hits the position of4-2-3-1.It is also one of the positions where you can get to the position closest to the opponent’s goal and increase your chances of scoring.

MF (Side Half)

It is a position called the side half to be located in the left and right sidelines behind the forward.Two of the 3 of 4-2-3-1 will be in charge of this position.

MF (top bottom)

It is a player who is said to be at the bottom of the top to take a position in the middle of the field, located behind the forwards.Located in the center of 3 of 4-2-3-1.The main character of the captain’s wing, The Sky Wing,was in this position, and the player who was playing soccer at the time of the captain wing hit was in the star position at one o’clock, as it is said that he almost wanted this position.

MF (Bolanche)

It is a volley, defensive midfielder who takes a position in front of the centre-back and maintains a balance of formation depending on the situation of the match.Part 2 of4-2-3-1.

Defender (back-back)

Located on the sidelines of the penalty area, it is the side back to run around the side from defence to attack.Located on both sides of 4-2-3-1 4.4.


DEFENDER (Centre-back)

It is the centre-back who takes the position in front of the side goalkeeper and prevents the attack of the other player.Placed in the center of 4-2-3-1.


The goalkeeper is the only field player allowed to use his hand and is the last bastion to defend his own goal.

How to proceed with the Olympic games

Qualifying is held in a league style for each continent.
In the men’s team, the 16 countries that won each continental qualifier will win four ghouls in each of the four countries, and the top two teams of each team advance to the quarter-finals.

The women’s team divides the 12 countries that have won each contine[3]ntal qualifier into groups of four countries.The top two teams in each team and the two teams with good grades will advance to the quarter-finals.

The final will be held in a tournament ceremony for both men and women.

Five secrets of football!If you know, you can enjoy 100 times!

Why does soccer play before the opening ceremony?

Because there are a lot of matches in the preliminary and final tournaments, the competition is exceptionally started before the opening ceremony because the players cannot rest if they try to play only during the tournament.

The exception to this is softball in addition to football.

What’s that 2, overage?

In principle, up to three athletes over the age of 24 can be registered, although the principle is that they can compete in the Olympics.These three players are called overage.

This was from the 1992 Barcelona Games, and from 26 Atlanta tournaments, three overage slots were created.There are no age restrictions on women’s football.

3, the name of football is rare in the world!

In Japan, we call it football, but when we look at the world, it seems that in most countries, the term “football” is common.

“Football” is a short word for “Association Football”, and the word “soc” which omits the association can be attached to “er” which represents the person. It seems to have become Soccer].

However, in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina, including England, where football has traditionally been played, it is simply called football.

4. There is no age rule in women’s soccer.

Men’s football has an overage frame, and although it is played in a mix of veterans and young players, there is no age limit for women’s football.

So women’s football is the same for the Olympics and world cups.

That’s why the status of gold medals at the Olympics is the same as the World Cup.

5. Why is the olympic national uniform blue?

Why blue?Because there were no documents left, there were various theories, and it was not understood that it was clear.

In general, it is “blue of the sea and the sky that symbolizes the land of Japan”, but there is a feeling of retrofit very much.

Uniforms from Tokyo 2020 are next.

Tokyo 2020 Soccer Uniforms