Nagatomo Yuto Nagatomo’s shuttle run is amazing.Introducing annual income and hairstyles

Nagatomo Yuto Nagatomo’sスポーツ

Nagatomo Yuto(Nagatomo) is a key player in the Japan National Football Team, with strong physicality and stamina.

It is rumored that the number of shuttle runs of such nagatomo is too great.

I would like to introduce such rumors of shuttle runs, annual income, hairstyles, and so on.


Introducing nagatomo Yuto’s profile and background

Profile of Nagatomo Yuto

  • Mae Mae Nagatomo Yuto
  • Nicknamed: Yuto, Naga, Motorino, Nagatiello
  • Birthday: September 12, 1986
  • Year: 33 years old
  • Birthplace: Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture
  • School: Saijo City Kita Junior High School, Higashi Fukuoka High School, Meiji University
  • Body: 170cm
  • Body weight: 70kg
  • Blood type: Type O
  • Member: Galatasaray

Nagatomo Yuto’s Career

He started playing soccer in the first grade of elementary school.

In 2008, he signed with FC Tokyo to make his professional debut.

In the same year, he was called up to the Japan national team to make his national team debut in the Kirin Cup.

In 2010, he moved to AC Cesena in Italy’s Serie A.

In 2011, he moved to Inter Milan, a prestigious Serie A player.

He announced his move to Galatasaray in 2018.

Nagatomo Yuto’s shuttle run is amazing

Nagatomo Yuto is a strong physicality and stamina, but it has become a topic that the number of shuttle runs of such nagatomo is too great.

Shuttle run (20-meter shuttle run) is a method of measuring physical fitness for aerobic motor skills, also known as a round trip.Since it is a new physical fitness test that started in 2001, I think everyone has experience in sports tests in elementary and junior high schools.

Even people with good motor nerves will get a pretty good grade around 100 times.

There are rumors that Nagatomo’s record in such a shuttle run has been set a staggering number of times.


In addition, there is also a rumor that it is a Guinness Record in 421 times, it might be possible if nagatomo’s stamina.

375 times, because it is about 7.5 km in the distance, but it is not that far away, but the speed increases fast, so the second half is almost full-speed.

If this rumor is true, the stamina of top athletes is tremendous.

Nagatomo Yuto’s annual income is

As a soccer player, what is the salary of Nagatomo, who has been active at the top for a long time?

When I was a member of Intel, a big club, my annual salary was 437.5 million.

The top players are in different positions.

He is currently transferred to Galatasaray, Turkey, with an annual salary of 259.2 million.

It’s been a lot less than the Intel era, but it’s still a considerable amount.

In addition to this, because it has appeared in tv appearances and commercials, i think the annual income will be a much bigger amount.

Nagatomo Yuto’s hairstyle is blonde.

Nagatomo’s hairstyle is a short, clean-up hairstyle.

Such nagatomo player suddenly seems to have made a rough time around the sudden change to the blonde.

The reason he made him a blonde like the Super Saiyan was because the World Cup coach changed to Coach Nishino and lost the match for the second consecutive match, so he was able to change the atmosphere of the team.

In the national team, Nagatomo is already a veteran.

In order to liven up the team, you can see your personality as a mood maker, such as inviting yourself to laugh with self-deprecation.

Nagatomo Yuto’s Summary

I’ve introduced something that Nagatomo doesn’t normally know about.

It is a number of times not thought by a normal person such as the number of shuttle runs.

Because of the physical strength of the game, i think i can still play an active part at the top.

There are rumors that Nagatomo will return to the J.League, so i would love to see Nagatomo playing an active role in Japan.

Let’s take a look at Nagatomo’s future.