What does it mean that things are connected to the Internet?What is the Internet of Things?


Things are connected to the Internet!?

The word “IOT” is often heard on the Internet and in the news these days.From now on, not only personal computers and smartphones, but also all ”things” will be connected to the net.

Why don’t you realize a more convenient and smarter life with IOT?


What is IOT?

What is iot?

It is an abbreviation of IOT= Internet of Things.

The internet of things.Recently, more and more products can connect to the Internet with personal appliances such as smart speakers and smart watches.

There are various things even if it is said IOT in one bite.I will introduce a typical thing with an explanation.

Smart Home Appliances

First of all, it is home appliances.Not to mention the smart speaker which supports the voice operation familiar in Alexa, the thing corresponding to IOT has increased also in the television and the refrigerator.

Basically, you can work with the smartphone to grasp the situation and remote control.Depending on the thing, such as dedicated apps, various functions have been added.

Recently, there is also an air purifier that can check the virus of the curtain opening and closing machine and the room that can be remotely controlled on the smartphone.

Cars → Automated driving

It is automatic driving that makes it possible for a car to connect to the Internet by IOT.Cars with driving assist functions such as automatic braking have already been released one after another.

This is also a gift of IOT technology.It is said that it is only a matter of time before a fully self-driving car is released in the future.

The benefits of controlling traffic accidents and eliminating staff shortages for delivery drivers are countless.

Smart Agriculture

IOT ization is also used in the field of agriculture.Iot-compatible automatic watering machines can read information such as solar radiation from sensors attached to the field and automatically fertilize and water at optimum amounts and timing.

In the midst of the labor shortage, it is very efficient for machines to go on behalf of people, and it can also save water.

Iot’s Future

iot future

The wave of IOT is accelerating with the momentum to pull the eye of the living horse.That is, it is said that IOT products are currently a market size of 8 trillion yen, so various manufacturers in each industry are all developing IOT devices.


The market size of 8 trillion yen is already increasing rapidly, and it is expected to eventually grow to several hundred trillion yen.

What are the expectations of iotization in the future?

Industries centered on manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, especially in factories and other production sites, it is expected that the production capacity will be improved more and more by iot ization in the future.

It goes without saying that as production facilities become IOT,it will be easier to understand production conditions and quality control, and that productivity will be improved more than ever before.

In addition, this move will accelerate as many companies are trying to eliminate labor shortages and reduce costs such as labor costs by mechanizing the work that workers are doing and letting robots do them.

Public transportation

Iot is expected to be used by public transportation, such as trains and buses, that we use everyday.

Trains and buses are important to operate on time, but depending on personal injury and traffic conditions, trains and buses often don’t go on time.

If we can make transportation itself IOT and confirm the situation in real time, we can take measures ahead of time.

If you can grasp the congestion condition at the same time, you can prevent a variety of trouble beforehand.

This has already begun to be introduced, so it will be even bigger.

Safety check and monitoring

It is said that IOT will play an active role in the safety confirmation, disaster countermeasures, and security.

For example, if sensors and surveillance cameras are iotized, information such as camera information can be determined and notified in real time of changes in people and nature, and information such as distant situations can be obtained immediately in the event of a disaster.

In addition, if you turn the equipment of the store into IOT, you will be able to grasp the free information in real time, so you won’t have to worry about “not getting in because it’s crowded.”



This time, I introduced iot briefly.

As i mentioned, it is clear that iot-compatible products will be released one after another, and that everyday life and society as a whole will become more convenient and comfortable.

Let’s research what kind of product is being developed only by relating to you!It is sure to be useful to you.