I can’t wait for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a sports festival that finally kicks off!!

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

On July 24, 2020, the olympic games will finally start.

The most ever event will be held at the venue of The Tokyo.

19 days of enthusiasm that shocked the players with a heated battle and emotion.

I want you to enjoy it without missing.



The opening ceremony was a message from the host country.

The olympic gun is the opening ceremony that attracts the attention that surpasses the competition.

The opening ceremony is a remnant of the time when the art competition was an event, and various elaborate productions can be seen in each competition.

Many people will be looking forward to the elaborate production that skillfully expresses the history and traditional culture of the venue next time.The fun of the Olympics is often called the opening ceremony.

The carnival-inspired performances of the 2016 Rio Games and the festive atmosphere of the authentic samba were spectacular.

At the London Games (2012), the world was sparked by the surprise performance of James Bond and Queen Elizabeth diving from helicopters into the stadium.

At the Atlanta Games (1996), many of you were impressed by the sight of Muhammad Ali, who had Parkinson’s disease and ignited the torch.He was chosen as a black man in a place where black discrimination persisted.


The overall director of the 2020 Tokyo Games is Noh Musician Mansai, who is not able to see the fusion of Japanese tastes, traditional performing arts, and high-tech technologies such as projection mapping.

I’m really looking forward to the message in Tokyo from now on!!

Is the order of the entry march decided?

The march is full of friendship, and the players from all over the world are unique and fun!

There are rules in the order of the country of the entrance march.


The players of the participating countries in alphabetical order, first in the birthplace of Greece, march ed in colorful suits and ethnic costumes, and the last is the players of the host country.

At the 2020 Tokyo Games, the last entry was for the Japanese team.When the japan national team of the maximum number of people in the tournament appeared, the impression will be a little.


The captain of the Japanese team serves as the captain of the march, but there are also jinxs that captains and flagbearers cannot play an active part in the tournament.


Who is the captain of the Japan team?

The captain of the Japan team will take the player oath on behalf of all players at the opening ceremony.Who will be chosen this time?


At the Tokyo Games in 1964, Takashi Ono

In sapporo winter in 1972, Keiichi Suzuki

At the Nagano Winter Olympics in 2014, Kenji Ogiwara

The world’s proudest players are sworn in.

Who is the last runner on the torch?

The climax of the opening ceremony is the torch lighting by the final torch runner.

The moment the torch was lit in the form of a relay from the Ruins of Olympia in Greece, the festivities began.

After all, it becomes a topic of conversation about who will be the final runner of the final torch relay.I’m not interested in who will play a major role that will be handed down forever.

It is the closing ceremony to conclude the competition which will give birth to a lot of impressions.

It seems to have been long for 17 days in a flash.At the end, the competition time was brought down in the fierce summit battle of men’s swimming.The closing ceremony will be held from 20 o’clock on Sunday, August 9.

The heat fight of that day and that impression also see the faces of the players who enter the closing ceremony, and a lot of great games which will be remembered like the running horse lamp.

In contrast to the opening ceremony, players from all over the world can see the relaxed expressions of the players who have finished the battle, such as players from all over the world mixing up and chatting with each other.

The moment the torch goes out, the 17-day celebration comes to an end.

If you look at the smiles of the athletes who have finished their hard fight, although there is a sense of loneliness that the Olympics will end, you will soon be able to wait for the next Paris 2024 tournament.

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