When will basic income be introduced in Japan?Introducing the results and summary of the introducing country

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Basic income guarantees the minimum life of everyone.

Is it possible to introduce such basic income into Japan?

Also, is there a country that actually introduced it?


I would like to introduce.

Introducing basic income and benefits

Basic Income Overview

A policy plan to pay cash to each and every one of the people in order to ensure the minimum level of life of the people.

Basic Income aims to compensate for the minimum income of national life by centralizing welfare and unemployment insurance, medical assistance, child care benefits, etc.

On the other hand, it is criticized from an ethical side such as the fall of the national spirit.

Depending on the amount of income benefits, the total amount of benefits can be enormous, and the imbalance between national income and benefits may be discussed, and tax injustice and the viewpoint of the international competitiveness of the enterprise are discussed.

Benefits of Basic Income

Basic Income is said to help create a “small government” by shrinking social security systems such as pensions, employment insurance and welfare, as well as public works.

In addition, there is an opinion that it is possible for the enterprise to make the employment adjustment easily from the viewpoint of securing the minimum life, the liquidity of the emplo[10][11]yment is improved, and there is an effect such as the creation of a new industry.

In addition it is said that there are various benefits below.

  • Poverty Control
  • Measures to prevent the declining birthrate
  • Revitalization of rural areas
  • Simplification of the social security system
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Increased motivation to work
  • Economic recovery
  • Enrichment of leisure
  • Mitigating non-regular employment problems
  • Black Corporate Correction
  • Prevention of industrial hollowing
  • Elimination of the reverse of consumption tax
  • Decrease in crime
  • Freedom of choice of occupation
  • Improving symptoms in depressed patients
  • Release from stigma

When will basic income be introduced in Japan?

There are many advantages, i would like you to introduce by all means, is it possible to introduce in Japan?

When will it be introduced if possible?

In order to introduce basic income into Japan, there are a variety of problems that must be overcome, and since you have to gain the understanding of the Japanese people, I think it will take a considerable amount of time to introduce it.

Even if it is not, the japanese government’s response is very slow, so in reality it may be difficult to implement it.

What are the results of countries that introduced basic income?

Many countries seem to be continuing to verify the introduction of basic income.

Finland has introduced basic income experimentally.

It was introduced to increase the motivation to work, but although health and well-being increased, there was no increase in motivation to work.

This experiment was canceled a year ago because it failed to get the results it wanted.

However, this experiment was conducted under fairly limited conditions, so it takes more validation to really implement it.

Summary of Basic Income

How did you introduce basic income to Japan?

Since the development of artificial intelligence in the future may reduce employment, I would like to introduce basic income by all means, but in fact, there are a lot of problems.

If basic income is introduced, you will feel comfortable, so I’d like to semi-retire.

Let’s hope it will be a rich future with plenty of room.